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View Pityriasis Rosea Gibert Type Rash Background. Otherwise known as pityriasis rosea gibert, this common skin condition characteristically begins with a distinct dry, pink to red herald patch lesion which is followed by a widespread rash after one to two. Classically, it begins with a single red and slightly scaly area known as a herald patch.

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Nord gratefully john browning, md, faad, faap, baylor college of medicine, assistant professor of pediatrics & dermatology, for assistance in the preparation of this report. Your doctor will look for a herald patch and review your symptoms. It can affect anyone, but one theory is that the rash may be caused by a viral infection.

If so, what are they?

Pityriasis rosea (the pityriasis rosea disease gibert, flaky roseola) is an acute dermatosis with a distinctive flow, the nature and location of the rash, prone to spontaneous healing. The rash typically lasts six to nine weeks, rarely extending longer than 12 weeks. While pityriasis rosea is a benign skin condition, there is a chance that it may have adverse effects. The name means fine pink scale. it is a common skin disorder observed in otherwise healthy people, most frequently children and young adults.

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