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Get A Rose For Emily Point Of View Prezi PNG. A rose for emily by: There is not one named narrator whose mind we follow.

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A rose for emily is a successful story not only because of its intricately complex chronology, but also because of its unique narrative point of view. As the daughter of the town patron, miss emily kind of belongs to the town. This story is from the townspeople's point of view.

Then we were sure that they were to be married.

A former lover of emily grierson's; While we're on the subject of we, notice no one townsperson is completely responsible for what happened to emily. The unnamed narrator of a rose for emily serves as the town's collective voice. By using an objective point of view an author turns the reader into a jury, so that the reader is able to interpret the story, nd draw conclusions when a rose for emily has a very interesting and deep point of view.

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